Corporate Sponsorship

We aim to provide companies with an opportunity to fulfil their corporate responsibility aspirations along with a direct, lasting and positive link to communities.

To help ensure Moni Malawi eliminate administrative costs a commercial arm helps to raise the necessary funds for Moni Malawi’s charitable missions.

We are offering companies and organisations the chance to benefit from international PR for their organisation.

Moni Malawi will ensure the projects are a success and distribute its aid to maximise the benefit to the recipient communities with the minimum administrative cost.

  • Moni Malawi offers a complete package to companies: researching the area’s needs, local customs and tribal system;
  • purchasing or seeking donation of materials, where possible, second-hand;
  • collecting and packing all donations in company branded boxes, crates or containers;
  • providing an experienced logistics team;
  • shipping and customs;
  • transportation of donations, equipment and personnel;
  • distribution of donations and installation of equipment;
  • documenting the entire projects for internal or external use;
  • liasing with PR teams to ensure maximum exposure;
  • offering staff the chance to travel with us for team building, in-house PR and the global benefit of the maximum numbers of those experiencing first hand conditions in the developing world.

With any project undertaken, Moni Malawi needs financial support and material contribution. There are various opportunities that exist to get involved where Corporate Sponsors can contribute to achieve our goals.

We are looking to secure corporate sponsors who will invest in these projects.

Also should it be requested, anonymity will be respected should Corporate Sponsors wish this to be the case for any PR or Marketing exercises.

The corporate sponsor in essence allows Moni Malawi to get to the next level and without your valued contribution our projects could not be launched.

Contact us today for further information.